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Utilising open source information from Wikipedia, OpenStreetMaps, GeoNames and hotel information from Comencia we provide mobile friendly solution for highway travel. Users can use Exit Explorer at home or on the road to find hotels, places to eat and fuel for their cars. Even more important we provide information on police, fire and medical facilities for you and your pets when you need help fast while on the road.

So next time you'er on the road take us a long as a trusted co-pilot.

Covid-19 Data

We have added Covid-19 data for US counties from The New York Times, based on reports from state and local health agencies.

This information is provided to travellers to give them an insight into the likely risk of different areas they travel into. Remember this data is only a slice of the known infections and does not consider your fellow travellers. When traveling keep up social distancing and keep you, your love ones and the people helping you in your travels, such as hotel, restaurant and service station personnel, healthy.

In addition to Covid-19 data on every exit page we now provide a summary page sorted by highway and by state.
Covid-19 Information Page

Known Issues.

We work on the principle that something imperfect is better the nothing so you will find imperfections, just like you will find in the people that create this site. Rest assured we are working to improve this site and ourselves everyday.

  • Covid-19 data is a few days old and only updated when New York Times updates their data.
  • Wikipedia extracts are sometime incomplete or formatted incorect due to encoding. Fix being worked on.
  • Interstate 25 - Some exits not labeled correctly
  • Interstate 95 - Not all states completed

Caution information on this site is for informational purposes only. Information provided may be of varying quality/accuracy. Users take full responsibility if they use this information. Please help us improve our site by by providing corrections and feedback.

Exit Explorer will continue to make further improvements to our web site over the coming months. Thank you for your support.

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